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pencil butter
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General Terms

  • All commissions are for private/personal use only. I am not currently accepting commercial work.

  • Turn around time varies depending on the complexity of your request, my current work load and general life schedule.

  • All prices are subject to change! However the prices listed on this page will always be the most current!

I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason at my discretion.Below is a general idea of what I will/wont draw. I may also decline a commission for reasons not listed below.

Will drawWont Draw
Original characters / D&D characters 
Furries and animal compainionsimages consisting of only animals or scnenery. Must be a humanoid as the focus of the image. animal companions are ok and count as additional characters.
mild blood/goreanything derogatory or overtly offensive (at my discretion)
mild nudity (must be 'tasteful')NSFW / anything over PG13 for sexual themes

**for fanart commissions, please fill out info as though I have never heard of the character no matter how popular they are, even if you have seen me draw them before.


Prices listed are BASE PRICES for single character marker illustrations. These prices are estimates only. Actual price may vary depending on complexity.All prices are in USD. All dimensions are in inches.THERE WILL BE AN ADDITIONAL COST FOR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:

  • additional characters/animal companions

  • complex character designs/backgrounds

  • detailed props (weapons, wings, etc)

  • nudity (depends on how much shows and how suggestive it is)

  • size upgrades


  • Payments must be made UP FRONT and in FULL before I will start on a commission. Payments must be made within 3 days of receiving invoice or your commission slot will be given to the next person in the queue.

  • Payments are made through paypal invoices only.


  • Shipping is NOT Included in the prices listed below. Cost is $5 for US shipping. International shipping is $10-15 depending on country.

  • I ship through first class mail, and tracking is included for domestic shipping. If you would like insurance, priority mail, etc for an additional cost please let me know in the shipping section of the order form so I can adjust your price quote accordingly.

  • I am not responsible for artwork lost or damaged in the mail. These things are completely out of my control. I do my best to make sure my packages are sturdy and clearly marked DO NOT BEND but sometimes mail carriers are just rude and DETERMINED to force something in a mail box. If this is a concern for you, please ask me about insurance!



  • 6”x8” * (approximately A5 but not exact)

  • Single character, between waist and thigh up

  • Simple background **

  • +$25 to upgrade to 8x10 ( 3 or more characters get an automatic upgrade )

  • +$50 each for additional character

  • +$10 and up for complex backgrounds

* 6”x8” is not a common US framing size. If you want to display your commission in a frame you may need to order one online or look into custom framing options.Can also be evenly matted to an 8x10 frame.** Simple backgrounds include airbrush/simple textures, washi tape and minimal scenery.


  • 5”x7”

  • Colored pencil lines with flat marker colors

  • Single character, between waist and thigh up

  • +$20 each for additional characters (may or may not alter final size)

ACEO/ATC - $25

  • 2.5"x3.5" (trading card size)

  • Single character ONLY

  • Bust shot

  • Simple background

  • No additional characters

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